Quitting Day Job Transition Coach/Entrepreneur Business Coaching Program Launch

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CannonSuite has launched a one-on-one coaching program for new businesses. The program helps new entrepreneurs quit their jobs and transition to full-time self employment.

CannonSuite, a mentoring company and marketing resource for start-up businesses, has launched a one-on-one mentoring program for aspiring entrepreneurs.

More information can be found by visiting https://www.cannonsuite.com

The recently launched mentoring program is ideally suited to dissatisfied employees who want to quit their day jobs and transition into self-employment. The program is provided online and lasts for six months. It includes private mentoring on topics that are relevant to start-up companies and new entrepreneurs.

The coaching is provided by company founder Nicholas Han who is a content marketing specialist. He knows how to help new businesses rank on the first page of Google within their first year in business and is trained in search engine optimization and business branding.

As part of the launch, the company works with new businesses on an individual basis to improve their online visibility and fine-tune their branding. They provide a consultation to get clarity on the client’s goals and then advise them on the steps they need to take to quit their jobs and become a full-time business owner.

They will mentor new business owners on their position in the market, how to make smart investments, and how to attract more clients. They will also issue advice on scam avoidance and what entrepreneurs should focus on in their first year in business. Interested parties should enroll via the company’s website. They will be added to a waiting list and will be contacted as soon as a coaching slot is available.

Amir, a previous client, says, “I enrolled last summer and my company is dominating five local areas and I’m even in front of some big players and companies. The amount of digital real estate I’ve got is so unbelievable – this is a game-changer!”

CannonSuite is a company based in Maryland, that specializes in entrepreneurship training, business branding, content marketing, and SEO. They are passionate about helping new entrepreneurs navigate the overwhelming first year in business and simplifying the process of scaling their company.

For more information on CannonSuite and the launch of their one-on-one coaching program for aspiring entrepreneurs, visit https://www.cannonsuite.com