Los Angeles Corporate Coaches – Humorous Brand Personality Videos Launched

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ADVO Group, a leading name in Los Angeles corporate coaching, has launched a video campaign called ‘ADVO Cats’ highlighting their imaginative and productive approach to coaching.

ADVO Group, a corporate coaching business based in Los Angeles, California, has launched a series of short videos called ‘ADVO Cats’ that showcase their inventive approach to communication coaching. The company partners with individuals and organizations across the United States to improve leadership skills through entertaining coaching sessions.

To watch the campaign, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkImSqUsSgI&list=PLZiaIYL2lSjWwqq1OcH1nxAE1qwgGDiOo

The latest launch reflects the increasing demand for corporate coaching that effectively blends proven techniques with imaginative ideas. As more businesses use coaching to nurture promising leaders and executives, finding the correct approach becomes critical.

ADVO’s new campaign provides viewers with a glimpse into their uniquely entertaining methods. In the videos, coaches Greg Derelian and Peter Katona examine their relationships with their pets in search of applicable workplace lessons. The pair look for new ways to communicate with unresponsive coworkers while displaying the levity synonymous with their services.

Before founding ADVO Group in 2010, Greg and Peter worked as actors in New York and Los Angeles. They have leveraged these skills into the company’s coaching program. With Greg and Peter, clients learn the foundation of effective communication: purpose, presentation, and presence.

The company tailors its method to the individuals with whom they work. First, they assess the client’s ability to communicate with others and then help them improve areas of weakness through specific practices. As a testament to their effectiveness, the company won the Best Los Angeles Career Coaching award in 2021.

With the latest campaign, the company continues to bring inventive ideas to the corporate coaching sector.

The ADVO team has over ten years of experience coaching individuals and organizations on leadership and communication. In that time, the company has developed an affable and innovative brand identity. To learn more, please visit https://www.tiktok.com/@advodudes?lang=en

A satisfied client said, “Working with Greg and Peter was informational, transformative, and fun. They provide different approaches to improve presentation skills and changed the way I looked at presentations. I would recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills.”

Interested parties can view the campaign at the links above or learn more about the company by visiting www.weareadvo.com