Rental Property Insurance Protection – Vacation Home Airbnb/Vrbo Policies Launch

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Proper Insurance announces the launch of a special insurance product for Airbnb providers and other short-term rental property owners. They have created this product in collaboration with Lloyd’s of London

Proper Insurance® announces the launch of its special insurance for the owners of Airbnb, Vrbo, and other vacation rental properties. This policy covers the deficiencies of traditional homeowner policies.

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With the launch of its new policies, this firm aims to give specialized protection to the owners of vacation rentals. Certain policies include this coverage or it can be purchased additionally. Commercial Liability is a necessary component of a comprehensive short-term rental policy, though many policy options neglect to add this coverage. The lack of such insurance can leave the owners of vacation rentals vulnerable to vandalism and other damage by guests.

The rental properties coverage provided by Proper Insurance covers any kind of vacation property, including cottages, cabins, condos townhouses, and more. According to them, when a property is opened to renters, it needs all the protection offered to the hospitality industry. The firm has specialized rental underwriters who can create a policy that best reflects the client’s needs.

The company can offer coverage for aspects for which the hosts require protection, but which are left uncovered by most landlord policies. It protects property left in the care of people other than the owners. It also offers liability coverage for alcohol either left behind or provided for guests and protection for amenities such as golf carts, bikes, small boats, etc,

According to the company’s experts, many vacation rental aggregators mislead property owners into thinking that a special insurance product is not needed for rentals. This may result in the owner not having any of the required coverage when the need arises.

For their clients, Proper Insurance replaces the current homeowners or landlord policy and includes a replacement cost valuation. This gives the vacation rental owner protection for the building, its contents, commercial business liability, and loss of business income. The policy also includes personal liability when the property is also the owner’s residence.

The firm has written over 50,000 policies in all 50 states and has an A+ rating with both the BBB and Standard & Poor’s. Their product is backed by Lloyd’s of London and has an exclusive endorsement from Vrbo, the leader in vacation rentals.

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