Raleigh NC Executive Leadership Training For Sales Managers – Solutions Launched

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Sandler Training (919-615-2136) has launched their updated sales management training for clients in Raleigh, NC. The training helps sales managers improve the performance of their sales team.

Sandler Training, a business training company, has announced the launch of their updated sales management training solutions, which are based on the Sandler sales methodology. Developed by David Sandler in 1967, the Sandler system has helped over 1 million salespeople optimize their sales strategy.

More information is available at https://www.salesmatters.sandler.com

The launch of the updated training solutions aims to help sales managers improve the effectiveness of their sales team by providing world-class leadership training.

Though many talented salespeople find themselves quickly advancing through the ranks of their company, they often struggle to transition from a sales rep role to that of a sales manager. As sales management presents a different set of challenges than selling alone, managers must be equipped to manage recruitment, evaluate sales performance, and motivate their sales team.

Sandler Training delivers aims to give sales managers the skills necessary to overcome management challenges and excel in leadership roles. In contrast to abstract approaches to sales leadership, the Sandler training method prioritizes the pragmatic application of evidence-based sales management theory.

The leadership training curriculum begins with a focus on hiring qualified sales representatives. Clients learn key factors to consider in recruitment and how to employ a 5-step interviewing process. The training also covers setting goals and motivating sales reps to achieve them by highlighting the connection between their individual performance and the overall mission.

As effective delegation is perhaps the most important determinant of management success, clients are taught how to manage their time, assign tasks, and optimize their personal work schedule and that of their sales team.

Methods of planning and executing effective sales meetings are also discussed in the curriculum, which center on creating a meeting agenda and ensuring that meeting goals are accomplished. Additional skills such as territory management, change management, and account management are also discussed.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Our management and executive leadership programs provide you with the strategies to build a bulletproof business through collaboration, accountability, and productive coaching conversations.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.salesmatters.sandler.com or call 919-615-2136 to schedule an introductory call.