Disability Employment Opportunity – 2021 Career Development Report Released

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disABLEDperson, a leading provider of disability employment opportunities, has released a report highlight four flexible entry-level jobs for young disabled workers looking to begin their careers.

disABLEDperson, a non-profit organization specializing in disability employment resources, has released an updated report featuring the top entry-level jobs for young workers with disabilities. The report helps readers navigate the job market and includes links to in-site information on the benefits of working from home.

For more information, please visit https://www.disabledperson.com/blog/posts/4-entry-level-jobs-and-careers-for-young-adults-with-disabilities

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 26% of people in the United States live with a disability. Additionally, employment discrimination is the most common injustice faced by people with disabilities. The latest release provides readers with expert advice on finding employment with a disability.

In this report, readers will find four entry-level jobs ideal for workers with a disability. These include accounting, writing, sales, and customer service. The author explains that readers can often perform these jobs from home, and they demand minimal physical exertion; in particular, accounting and writing need only a laptop and some simple software.

The report also acknowledges that sales and customer service jobs can be daunting for individuals with social anxieties. However, disABLEDperson highlights that such positions are excellent avenues for young disabled workers to develop key communication and interpersonal skills. Even if individuals don’t turn these opportunities into careers, they’ll learn transferable soft skills.

For all of these positions, though, the report encourages readers to work toward a long-term career. To aid job seekers, the site offers access to the Microsoft Imagine Academy, which teaches participants to use Microsoft Office and Dynamics products. They also provide resume advice and scholarships for post-secondary students.

With the latest announcement, the organization continues to combat the high unemployment rate of disabled individuals through expert online resources.

disABLEDperson has over 18 years of experience working toward equal disability employment. In that time, the organization has developed a strong reputation for helping disabled people find meaningful work.

A representative for the website said, “We want to help you, a person with a disability, find employment. So come, post your resume and look through our job listings. Our motto is ‘Community, Not Profit Driven,’ and our mission is simply to serve.”

Interested parties can read the latest report at https://www.disabledperson.com/blog/posts/4-entry-level-jobs-and-careers-for-young-adults-with-disabilities