Manifestation Mindset Prosperity Program – Positive Affirmation Course Launched

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A renowned productivity specialist has introduced a new course on manifesting abundance, offering individuals a proven approach to consistently generate millions in additional revenue.

Mercedes L. Miller, an acclaimed speaker on business productivity, has launched 72 Days Of Amazing, an in-depth course teaching individuals how to use manifestation to achieve their goals.

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The newly launched program teaches her unique approach to the principles of manifestation and attraction, which has enabled her students to generate over $1.5 million shortly after applying what they have learned.

According to her, the system is based on various Biblical, business, and universal principles that she has studied in her career as an executive consultant and professional speaker. Over decades, she has shared these teachings with numerous business professionals, academics, and spiritual leaders across the country and around the world.

The course contains pre-work assignments and weekly lessons that are led by Ms. Miller. Each lesson will introduce a new concept and give instructions on how to enhance one’s ability to manifest.

Participants will begin by learning EmpowerPlays or practical skills that they can use to shift their energy toward the things they want to achieve. Ms. Miller said that these EmpowerPlays were instrumental in helping her past clients generate millions in revenue even without spending capital on new ventures.

“There were no new jobs, no new businesses, no new investments,” she stated on her website. “Except thoughts and words.”

Moreover, she will show the thought, speech, and behavioral patterns that are essential to sustain this manifestation ability. This section will also discuss how the brain processes information and why this affects one’s ability to overcome negative habits like procrastination.

Ms. Miller said that this is the first time she is sharing her knowledge with a broader audience, as her expertise was only available to corporate clients in the past. “I didn’t want to wake up one day and realize there were so many more people whose lives I could have impacted,” she explained.

Preliminary feedback on 72 Days Of Amazing has been positive, with many lauding it for the additional revenue they generated during and after completing the program.

“During the 72 Day Manifesting with Mercedes, I received over $240,000,” said one student. “The 72-day program was by far one of the best investments I have made in my personal growth and development journey,” wrote another.

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