Kitchen Remodel Cost – Where to Spend and How to Save

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( — June 21, 2021) — A kitchen remodel can be costly and frustrating, especially if you don’t know where to spend and where to save. When giving your kitchen a facelift, you can change very many things, including the floor, the lights, storage spaces, among others. Again, different people focus on facelifting different parts of the kitchen.

Knowing where to spend and where to save can be very challenging, especially if you are a DIYer working on a tight budget. Therefore, it is always best to seek ideas and tips from the best kitchen remodeling companies before beginning your project. 

Here are some expert tips to guide with kitchen remodel costs.

Kitchen Remodeling; Where to spend

When thinking of remodeling your kitchen, here is where you should invest more;

1. Storage

You need enough storage room for your kitchen. Typically, storage is among the most common reasons why homeowners remodel their kitchens. You need space to store your food, utensils, kitchen appliances, among other things.

However, you should be creative when expanding your kitchen storage, otherwise, your kitchen will look disorganized. 

It pays to invest in high-quality kitchen cabinets. If you don’t want to buy new cabinets, you can invest in open shelving. If you prefer drawers over cabinets, then you have nothing to lose. If you already have good cabinetry, you can just refresh their looks by adding some quality and modern knobs and handles.

2. Invest in lighting

A kitchen is one of the areas where light is needed the most. Thus you must make sure your kitchen has adequate lighting.

There are two ways you can go about this; first, you can choose to put additional bulbs in your kitchen. Invest in high-quality lights, the ones that will last for a long time without the need for frequent replacement.

If you want to make your kitchen energy efficient, invest heavily in natural lighting. Add enough windows to supply natural light to your kitchen. 

Splurging on windows during your kitchen remodel adds value and beauty to your home. Besides, you can consider painting your kitchen wall with bright colors to illuminate your kitchen space. Adding some mirrors also works magic for a kitchen remodel.

3. Kitchen appliances

Do you know why you should spend more on your kitchen appliances? It is because these are things that will last longer, perhaps a decade or two, in your kitchen.

Some of the things you should pay more to get them to include; electric kettle, hand blender, dishwasher, microwave, food processor, fridge, among others. If you shop well, you won’t regret it later. You should go for quality and not quantity, and in most instances, quality comes at a higher price.

Where to Save

Here are some tips to help you cut on your kitchen remodeling costs;

1. Tile and flooring

Tiles are good and long-lasting but may not be worth spending on in your kitchen remodel. Some of the best options to consider for your kitchen remodel are cork flooring, laminate flooring, linoleum tile, among others.

These flooring options are eco-friendly,  soft, and stylish. They are also affordable and they won’t make you break the bank during installation and maintenance. However, avoid slippery flooring options for your safety and that of your family (those using the kitchen).

2. DIY the project

Why should you hire a professional to remodel your kitchen when you have the knowledge, skill, tools, and equipment to do the project yourself?

While it is best to hire a professional for any home improvement project, there are some things you should do by yourself. 

DIYing your kitchen remodeling project not only helps you save cash but also enables you to learn some new skills, improves your mood, reduces your stress levels, and makes you more active.

3. Have a plan and a budget

A well-thought plan and budget will help you save money when remodeling your kitchen. Most homeowners end up overspending on unnecessary things that were not part of the remodel.

To be safe, have a budget and stick to it.  If you don’t know how to do it, you can consult a home improvement expert like DR Design & Remodel to inspect your kitchen and tell you what’s needed and what’s not. They provide full turn key kitchen remodeling services throughout the Sacramento area. This will help you know the overall cost of the project and also stay on track with your project.

If you want to have a successful kitchen remodel, you should know where to spend and where to save. You should spend on things like kitchen windows to provide natural light for your kitchen. However, you should try to do most of the work on your own to cut your budget. And with the above tips, your kitchen remodel will be a success.