Instagram Features to Gain More Exposure and Reach

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( — June 21, 2021) — Instagram is prevalent across different age groups and brands for the rich features enabling creators to engage people with their content easily. Over the years, the app has also made everyone’s journey exciting by adding more options to help them enjoy the creative and financial freedom that go hand in hand. Earlier, you could only share a photo. Today, you get a variety of choices to explore and utilize. All these lead you towards securing higher visibility, exposure, etc. So, do you wish to make your profile stand out and build a strong community of people with the same interests? There are ways to achieve this.

One of them from a marketing perspective can be increasing follower count. You can buy real IG followers from a third party to give a fillip to your profile and generate interest among other people.  Besides, you have to use Insta features well. Here is a quick view of them.

Photos and Videos 

It can be the simple yet most effective thing – use either of them or combine both media formats with carousels. To post this, you need to visit the + icon for a new post. When you tap, you get an option to upload pre-recorded video or create something right there. Equip it with location and caption while tagging a few accounts. After completing everything, you can share it.


It is a relatively new feature rolled out toward the end of 2020. You can utilize this to give your audience deeper insights on products, travels, or any other domain through posts with suitable descriptions. Also, it can be a great way to let your audience know your likes and dislikes. If you want to create an Instagram Guide, you will have to click on the + button. Select the guide type as per your theme. When built, you can proceed to the next level and share.

Instagram Live

You can conduct a live session on this platform from 60 minutes to four hours. It allows your audience to connect with you instantly. You can interact with them by answering their questions, recommending something, etc. It will be a real-time engagement. For this function, you can tap on your profile photo and go down to the option of Live. Hit the bold red button to get started. If you wish to change some functions of your Story, you can check the settings icon on the left side of your screen at the top.

Professional dashboard

In 2021, the social media giant introduced an analytics feature to increase the performance capability of its users. If you are here to make some noise, you would need data to support your planning. It can help you understand your post’s reach, engagement rate, and other metrics. Only business or creator accounts can access this. So, it will be better to switch to this. It will be free of cost. From your business profile, you can explore the option of View Professional Dashboard for some quick insights.

Instagram is like an open field for ambitious and confident people. Competition can be cut-throat, but this platform has room for everyone to grow.