Studies Now Show Rhodiola rosea Is a Strong Immunity-Boosting Remedy

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( — June 29, 2021) Orlando, FL — Health authorities warn that in the United States alone, almost 3 percent of adults have weakened immunity. 

This is according to a study led by Dr. Rafael Harpaz of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Experts have long been stressing the importance of enhancing immune system health to ward off a range of diseases and infections. It is worth realizing that there are factors found to trigger a weakened immune system.

These include sleep deprivation, stress, unhealthy habits, and following a poor diet. The good news is that according to researchers, some foods and natural remedies could work wonders in boosting immunity. 

One of the most recommended foods is spinach, which has been scientifically found to be loaded with vitamin C. It is further worth mentioning that this vegetable is high in beta carotene as well as antioxidants. 

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health reveals that garlic may also aid in delivering immune-boosting properties. This is thought to be due to its heavy concentration of sulfur-containing compounds, such as allicin.

Some of the highly recommended immune-boosting foods are ginger, yogurt, almonds, turmeric, papaya, kiwi, green tea, and poultry.

Strengthening and protecting immune system health may be achieved through the use of natural remedies like Rhodiola. 

In previous studies, it has been found that Rhodiola possesses many healing agents. Some of these are its adaptogenic, anti-stress, Neuroendocrine, hepatoprotective, Monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) inhibitory, cardioprotective, antioxidant, anticarcinogenic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

It is worth realizing that these therapeutic agents have been scientifically studied to work wonders in fighting a range of diseases and disorders. 

Rhodiola has been found to aid in strengthening the immune system. This is due to its ability to increase the number and activity of your immune cells.

In a study, it has been found the use of Rhodiola extracts led to a significant increase in the levels of th1 cytokines. What makes it even more beneficial is that it can also reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines and enhances cellular immunity.

It is worth mentioning that in a separate study, Rhodiola extracts have been found to protect T-cells from death during the time when infections get into the blood. This highly therapeutic remedy shields T-cells due to its ability to inhibit the expression of apoptotic genes.

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