Amazon-Based Business Training – Selling Physical Products Online Course Launch

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Rapid Crush and Crucial Constructs have partnered with Ezra Firestone to launch a new course designed to teach business owners how to succeed with Amazon-based marketing.

The Crucial Constructs training academy has partnered with Rapid Crush Inc., to launch a new online course titled Operation Physical Products (OPP). OPP is designed to assist businesses of all sizes in learning evidence-backed approaches to help them succeed in marketing their products through Amazon.

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The newly launched training course draws on years of combined experience from successful Amazon-based business owners, and a partnership with course leader Ezra Firestone. It will provide proven, step-by-step instructions to help businesses of all types succeed with Amazon-based marketing.

The course is not available all at once but will be released over a 10-week period, with one module being released each week. Each module will be comprised of multiple videos as well as supplementary downloadable documents. The modules are arranged systematically to cover all aspects of Amazon and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) businesses.

As well as the primary 10 modules the course also contains a “Core OPP Masters Bonuses” section that doubles the content of the original course. Included in this section are strategic tips, expert interviews, and assistance with various online tools. Some of the topics included are keyword inspection, viral apps, and reverse engineering amazon ranking.

In the first module, members will find videos about what to expect from the class, how to set goals, and an overview of the master plan. It will also include information about how to set a price range, the importance of demand, and turnaround time.

By the time members reach the fourth module they can expect to learn about ranking factors, and how to build an email list. Videos will also detail how to create and use coupon codes, creating discount campaign landing pages, and information about adjusting and fine-tuning pages.

The Operation Physical Products training is not designed as a static course but is intended to be updated regularly. Rapid Crush co-founder Wilson Mattos said, “We are totally committed to our customers’ business success. We know that when they grow, we grow, and when they win, we win. There’s much more on OPP and other Rapid Crush innovations coming very soon.”

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