Dallas TX Overcoming Sales Call Reluctance – Salespeople Workshop Announced

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Dallas, TX – BSRP (800-323-4659) is now accepting students for its Power Up Your Sales workshop which talks about how to overcome call reluctance and maximize sales potential.

Behavioral Sciences Research Press, Inc. (BSRP) in Dallas, Texas, announces that it is now accepting bookings for its “Power Up Your Sales” workshops. The intensive two-day workshop helps frontline sellers overcome their call reluctance.

More details can be found at https://callreluctance.com/callreluctance

The workshop is specifically designed to remove the hesitation that comes with calling potential clients. This hesitation, known in the industry as call reluctance, is studied to have tangible impacts on overall sales.

According to BSRP’s research, “the average call reluctant salesperson misses out on 15.25 pieces of new business opportunities each month. Multiply that number by your average sale and you can start to see the potential damage.” The company states that this avoidant behavior has cost each salesperson thousands of dollars in potential sales each year.

That is why it is offering its Power Up Your Sales workshop to be an intensive and counter-offensive tactic for salespeople to address their fear. By the end of the workshop, students should be able to identify the reasons for their call reluctance and be empowered to cold-call new clients.

It is essential that salespeople learn how to remove their call reluctance, given the current times. As more people work from home and prefer online video conferencing, sellers need to adapt and begin calling clients in place of face-to-face interactions. Still, several BSRP studies have shown that avoidant behavior can keep otherwise talented sales professionals from earning what they can.

The company notes that despite common perceptions, the hesitation to call potential clients is not caused by a single reason such as the fear of rejection, inadequate training, or lack of product knowledge, but a combination of factors that need to be addressed.

The workshop is meant for all salespeople, regardless of industry or product. The Power Up Your Sales Workshop guides participants to remove sales-defeating behaviors and improve their prospecting and engagement activities.

BSRP is a recognized research and development company. It has developed several highly acclaimed training programs for salespeople.

Interested parties can find more information at https://callreluctance.com/callreluctance