North Georgia/Alabama Jeep Expert Facebook Marketplace Online Community Launched

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An online community for Jeep owners and enthusiasts across the Southern states of the United States has announced the launch of its new Facebook Group and Marketplace.

North Georgia/North Alabama Jeep, an online community for Jeep owners and enthusiasts across the Southeastern United States, has announced the launch of its new Facebook Group and online marketplace.

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The latest announcement will be of interest to Jeep owners and enthusiasts in the south who would like to ask questions, share advice and opinions, post fun photos, or just talk about their love of Jeeps. The Facebook Group will also enable Jeep fans to buy, sell and trade their vehicles and spare parts.

Typical posts on the group include maintenance tips, advice on buying or selling a Jeep privately or through a dealership, guidance on locating a specific model or year of Jeep and help to find hard-to-find spares and accessories. The group is also the place to share photographs of custom Jeep builds and document Jeep-related projects.

The private group is owned and administered by Jeep enthusiasts who ensure all posts stay on topic and maintain a safe, fun environment for like-minded people.

All prospective group members are pre-vetted with three questions to ensure the group remains free of self-promotion and unrelated topics. The group also prohibits any political posts. While the group was initially launched for Jeep owners and enthusiasts in North Georgia and North Alabama, it has grown to include many members from across the south and other regions of the United States.

A spokesperson for the Facebook Group said, “After spending time looking for the perfect Jeep, I was shocked there wasn’t a place online where people couldn’t just hang out with other Jeep owners and enthusiasts. I started this group to help bring people together, ask questions, be interactive, add to the conversation, and create a marketplace that helps and supports other members. The group is growing fast but remains committed to maintaining the integrity of the community. The one thing that holds everyone in the group together is their passion for everything Jeep.”

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