Rockville MD Sandler Executive Management Training For Business Leaders Launched

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Rockville, MD – McDonell Consulting Group (410-339-5168) announces its updated executive leadership management training program using Sander-certified principles.

McDonell Consulting Group has announced its updated leadership training program for management professionals in Rockville, Maryland. The consulting firm offers executive development training for leaders who want to excel in their respective industries.

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The updated management training focuses on improving the skills, staff, structure, and strategy in each student’s specific businesses. As a Sandler-certified training agency, McDonell Consulting Group teaches students proven strategies that can strengthen revenue and increase employee retention rate within a few months.

Leadership training is essential for any business, regardless of size or industry. Numerous financial studies have found that these management training programs help leaders understand how to better manage their employees, perform more efficiently, and improve existing work processes.

McDonell Consulting Group has helped thousands of clients achieve their business goals using the principles taught by the Sandler system. The group has noted that Sander-trained leaders typically have happier employees and better work output.

The Sandler Training System is a results-driven solution designed to address several business issues in management and leadership. These solutions are delivered in various modalities, including one-on-one coaching, virtual training, and group sessions. This gives students more freedom in their training.

To date, Sandler Training is considered one of the leading sales and leadership training systems in the world.

As part of its updated leadership development program, McDonell Consulting Group included techniques and strategies that leaders can use to adapt to the changing business climate caused by the pandemic. It emphasizes the importance of resilience and teaches students how to motivate their employees, especially those who work from home.

The company has also announced that its Sandler Virtual Fast Track Program will begin on July 13. This intensive workshop introduces the core principles of the Sandler Sales System. This training is recommended for management professionals who work in sales.

A satisfied graduate wrote, “You couldn’t find a more qualified team for your sales and leadership training. Their Foundations course and subsequent mastery sessions transformed my attitudes, behaviors, and techniques as a non-profit professional.”

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