Leesburg, Virginia: Lyme Disease Treatment Holistic Medicine Services Launched

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Dr. Robin Ridinger of Premier Health and Holistic Medicine in Leesburg Virginia announces a holistic treatment service for Lyme disease to strengthen a person’s immune system and fight the disease.

Premier Health and Holistic Medicine in Leesburg Virginia launched their updated holistic medicine services for sufferers of Lyme disease with Dr. Robin Ridinger, a specialist in Lyme disease.

More information is available at https://www.premierhealthandholisticmedicine.com/blog/2021/1/29/what-is-lyme-disease-a-doctor-explains

The company uses a holistic approach to provide relief from this disease that is difficult to diagnose and can be debilitating.

Dr. Ridinger explains that Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that can result from the bite of a black-legged deer tick that became infected after feeding on infected birds, deer, or mice. Symptoms can include rash, joint pain, flu symptoms, headaches, fatigue and often do not appear until days or even months after being bitten.

A person might not even be aware of the bite because ticks can be tiny and often fall off naturally before the onset of symptoms. And since the microbes hide deep in a body’s tissue, diagnosing can be extremely difficult because tests often do not find the microbes.

The CDC says that Lyme disease is prevalent in southwestern Virginia. Unfortunately, though, many doctors in the area are still not familiar with the disease and often do not consider it when assessing symptoms which is why patients should seek out the help of a specialist like Dr Ridinger.

The presence of these bacteria may not cause continuous symptoms but often make a person more susceptible to other diseases because of the deleterious effect they have on the person’s immune system. The microbes can lie dormant until something else such as stress disrupts a person’s immune system, creating the right condition for the microbes to multiply and produce symptoms.

If Lyme disease becomes chronic, accumulated damage can be difficult to repair. The disease is rarely fatal, but it can greatly diminish a person’s quality of life by causing symptoms like continuing fatigue, cognitive problems, arthritic pain, and more. How severe these symptoms are depends on the general health of a person and the particular strength of the sufferer’s immune system.

Dr. Robin Ridinger of Premier Health and Holistic Medicine is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. She develops individualized treatment plans to strengthen a person’s immune system which can then produce antibodies and destroy the microbes.

For more information on Lyme disease treatment, please visit https://www.premierhealthandholisticmedicine.com/blog/2021/1/29/what-is-lyme-disease-a-doctor-explains