Stock Market Share Valuation – EPS/Trade Volume Expert Analysis Platform Updated

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Stock Value has announced an update to its share valuation platform. The company provides key financial, operational, and market data on individual stocks to its subscribers without limiting the number of stocks researched.

Stock Value, an online provider of stock market data services for individual investors, has announced the update to its EPS and trade volume analysis share valuation platform. The platform provides investors with key financial data to make strong trading and investment choices.

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With the latest update, Stock Value has announced that it is making available up-to-date data on over seventy relevant critical financial data points and metrics for every stock that its service covers. The aim is to put the most important data in the hands of non-professional investors to help them determine the value of specific stocks.

The most recent statistics show that only 14% of American families invest directly in individual stocks, but 2020 saw a surge in interest in investing directly in the markets, with personal stock brokerage accounts opened in record numbers.

Stock Value’s data service offers individual investors the most relevant data online to allow them to make informed decisions about which particular stocks to invest in or to sell. This is made available in a simple, straightforward table of data, and there is no limit on the number of companies users can investigate.

The data provided includes market statistics such as market capitalization, the number of shares traded per day on average – a key indicator of liquidity – and the stock’s performance over various periods.

The key financial metrics are highlighted, including the debt-to-equity ratio, Earnings Per Share, Price/Earnings Ratio, and dividend yield. The data also scrutinizes the underlying company’s performance, including revenue growth, operating margin, and profit margin.

The data forms part of Stock Value’s services, including a proprietary formula to identify the stocks worth investing in and when to buy and sell.

David Hall, CEO of Stock Value, created Stock Value to help individual investors, driven by the view that much of the media coverage of stocks is unhelpful. Instead, he thinks investors should concentrate on key financial and market performance data.

A spokesman said: “We see the provision of key data on an individual stock as a critical part in understanding its value and assessing its future performance. So we are pleased to make this data available to our subscribers without limits.”

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