Live Streaming Championship Event – $500,000 Global Tournament Announced

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The Worldwide Tournament is coming soon, and is set to be the first live global championship of its kind. The world is invited to unite all from multiple cities across different continents to compete.

A new live streaming championship event has been announced, called The Worldwide Tournament. It will be held in 2022, and represents a chance for the worldwide community to engage in activities, games and competitions.

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With the latest announcement, The Worldwide Tournament has established itself as the first grand-scale event of its kind. It is a live international gaming and athletic tournament, and is set to increase interest in the cryptocurrency industry.

Players from around the globe will be able to attend activities across seven central hubs spanning across different continents. The live streaming event will see contestants working together in teams for an engaging and exciting experience.

Fans are able to watch online, and up to $500,000 in prizes will be available. Alongside cash, participants will be able to win NFTs and crypto prizes.

Interested parties can join the waiting list to find out more and be notified of further details as they become available.

The unique event will be a chance for the community to come together and shine a light on the impact of cryptocurrency and how it can positively change business and communities around the world.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have received mainstream attention in recent months. They are a tokenized version of either a digital or physical asset, and have proven popular in the arts and gaming field.

One of the main benefits of NFTs is that they provide greater liquidity. They can also create more value for the tokenized asset in question.

The cryptocurrency prizes on offer will provide a similar range of benefits for participants. Cryptocurrency is fully decentralized, and can’t be controlled by a bank or other authority.

In addition to this, it makes transactions easier, as coin owners can use their cryptocurrency to buy goods or services across the world. Transactions are confidential, and there is a low fee.

The Worldwide Tournament states: “We are excited to bring together the power of events and games with the decentralization of money and power. It’s time for an impact to be made and the world to see the real power of cryptocurrency.”

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