Wall/Ceiling Speaker Mount For Improved Sound Quality And Space Saving Launched

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Mystadora has announced the launch of a new universal speaker mount for customers who are looking for a space-saving means of installing speakers on walls or ceilings.

Mystadora has launched their new Peerless-av Spk811 Universal Wall And Ceiling Speaker Mount, which gives customers the ability to install a speaker on any wall or ceiling for improved sound distribution.

More information is available at https://mystadora.com/product/513

The newly released product is suitable for use with most commercial speaker brands and designs up to a weight of 20lbs, and offers both flush and extended options for installation.

Finding a suitable location to install a speaker system in both homes and commercial properties can often be challenging due to the space available and the size of the speaker itself. Furthermore, ensuring the sound emitted from a speaker can fill an area unobstructed is vital for getting the best sound quality. Mystadora offers a space-saving solution to this problem with their new universal speaker mounts.

The mount features a ball and socket design that allows a speaker to easily be repositioned once installed so users can adjust it to find the ideal angles for the best sound. Additionally, this positioning system can be used alongside multiple mounts to ensure speakers are working in harmony with each other for larger areas.

Mystadora created their universal mounts to be compatible with most speaker designs available on the market that weigh under 20lbs, so that customers can use them with previously purchased speakers. The product also features a concealed design to hide speaker wires and mounting screws, making it ideal for commercial establishments such as restaurants or cafes, as well as for reducing clutter in the home.

The Peerless-av Spk811 Universal Wall And Ceiling Speaker Mount comes with everything customers need to install them on any surface material, including wood, metal, concrete, and drywall. Furthermore, a three-inch extension is included with the mount to give users the option of installing their speaker both flush or away from the ceiling or wall when desired.

As an online retailer, Mystadora are experts in finding innovative products from around the world for their customers. The company also offers customers free shipping for all orders within the USA and 30-day returns for exchanges.

A spokesperson for the company said, “We guarantee you have the coolest things money can buy without spending days researching on your own.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://mystadora.com/product/513