High Desert CA Solar Panel Direction For Reduced Energy Bills – Report Launched

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Option One Solar has announced a new guide to help their customers determine the best direction for facing solar panels to maximize energy, storage, or rate payments.

Option One Solar, a High Desert solar company, has announced a new guide to help their customers find the optimal direction to face their solar panels. While the direction panels should face may seem simple, slight changes in direction can be beneficial for setups with different requirements.

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The newly announced guide includes information about how solar panels facing different directions may be optimized for maximizing energy output or pairing with batteries. There is also a direction that takes the best advantage of net metering, and a slightly different direction that minimizes the impact of high Time Of Use (TOU) rates.

Assuming you are located in the United States, the simplest answer to the best direction to aim panels is South. This allows for the panels to collect the maximum amount of solar energy by providing the highest amount of exposure to the sun, all year long.

There are few situations where facing solar panels in any other direction is particularly helpful unless Time Of Use billing is a factor. TOU billing is when a utility charges a higher rate for electricity used during “peak times,” which usually means from 4 pm until the end of the night. Having these peak rate charges in the evenings makes access to solar-generated electricity more useful at those times.

When peak rates are in effect, solar panel owners may turn their panels slightly to the Southwest. How far to the West from South depends on how costly the peak rates are in comparison to the non-peak rates. A professional solar installation expert will have access to this information, and be able to provide advice on the best direction to aim panels in a given location.

When considering a new solar installation it is always advisable to contact the experts first for advice. The High Desert solar experts at Option One Solar are well-known for being informative and helpful. Their expert technicians research, design, and install some of the world’s best-performing solar equipment.

They have been known to cut their customer’s energy bills by 90% or more, and provide a 25-year warranty on all labor and products, as well as the performance of their panels. Interested parties can contact them for more information about getting a net-zero utility bill, or a complimentary quote.

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