Healthcare education services compliance and managed IT support in Baltimore,MD

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A Baltimore-based managed IT company partners with a medical consulting group to provide local healthcare facilities with the training and services they need to remain compliant.

Klik Solutions is announcing a new collaboration with medical consulting group Medical Business Partners. This team effort is designed to help healthcare facilities ensure the compliance of all aspects of their operations. Klik, a Baltimore, Maryland-based managed IT service provider, currently offers compliance services and employee training programs for medical care providers in the city.

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The newly announced partnership arose from the recognition that operating medical technology can be challenging for practices of all sizes. It seeks to promote the importance of adequate training for various types of healthcare facilities, from clinics and specialists’ offices to medical centers and hospitals

As IT experts point out, healthcare facilities are susceptible to compliance issues and cases, which often result from simple missteps on the part of staff. This is the reason those same IT experts consistently stress the value of proper and frequent training of both in-house staff and external providers to better guarantee success and security.

The healthcare compliance services now offered by Klik Solutions and MBP are designed to train staff and providers on all protocols and processes related to their functions. The goal is not just to help the personnel improve their mastery of any user-end technology available to them, but also to instill a sense of responsibility in carrying out their duties, knowing that a minor mishap can have serious repercussions for practices.

Aside from the healthcare industry, Klik Solutions also specializes in assisting clients from the finance and consulting, construction, legal, and nonprofit fields with their managed IT, cybersecurity, and cloud storage needs. To help cater to more businesses, Klik also maintains an office in Washington, as well as in Kyiv, Ukraine and in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A representative from the company states, “At Klik Solutions, we care about your business. From the very beginning, we work closely with you to learn about your challenges and goals. Armed with the right technology and unique IT approach, we help your business grow and succeed.”

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