Green Valley AZ Property Management/Tenant Screening – Landlord Services Launch

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Southwestern Realty, a brokerage based in Sahuarita, Arizona, launched property management services for landlords and investors in Green Valley looking to limit their out-of-pocket expenses.

Southwestern Realty, a licensed real estate brokerage located in Sahuarita, Arizona, has updated its services to include comprehensive property management for landlords and owners in Green Valley and the surrounding communities.

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Southwestern Realty understands the importance of high-quality tenants that pay rent on time. The latest announcement responds to the increasing demand for extensive tenant screening and property management solutions.

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), real estate generates approximately 16% of the United States’ gross domestic product. To this end, Southwestern Realty offers property owners an entry point into the expanding industry.

The agency builds its property management services around a 24/7 online landlord portal, allowing investors to keep track of their properties. If necessary, they can also handle all day-to-day tasks like listing and showing homes, conducting inspections, and managing repairs. These services minimize investors’ out-of-pocket expenses.

They have a simple, 24-hour rent collection system, too. Critically, this system reduces late rent payments and evictions. The agency also has a comprehensive tenant screening process; they target long-term renters with a history of on-time payments for further protection. In the unlikely event that eviction remains the only option, they ensure that a legal expert manages the removal and collection process.

With the latest announcement, the brokerage continues to assist real estate investors in Sahuarita, Green Valley, and Quail Creek through expert and assured property management.

Ralph Schnelle, the owner of Southwestern Realty, has lived in Sahuarita since 2003. In that time, Ralph has dedicated his time to community engagement and has developed a reputation as the town’s eminent real estate expert.

A satisfied client said, “Ralph and his staff at Southwestern Realty are by far the best brokerage we have had the pleasure to work with. They have in-depth knowledge of the market in this area and can quickly identify properties and competitive price points. There’s no detail too small or issue too big that they can’t help you with.”

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