Baltimore MD Compliance Protocol – Medical Practice Managed IT Services Launched

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Klik Solutions has recently partnered up with Medical Business Partners to launch a new service designed to help medical institutions in Baltimore, MD follow compliance protocols with an overseer.

Klik Solutions, a managed IT services provider located in Baltimore, Maryland, has recently partnered with a medical consulting group, Medical Business Partners. Together, they have announced the launch of a new service, designed to help medical practices ensure they are staying compliant in all aspects of their business.

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The newly launched service involves designating an experienced compliance officer to oversee the IT and operational aspects of a given client’s medical practice.

They are currently offering a complimentary Healthcare Compliance Assessment and an IT Security Assessment. Those interested can fill out the form located on the company’s website.

Compliance officers in particular, Klik notes, are highly valuable assets for any practice, should they face legal issues relating to compliance. They help medical practices ensure they are following the latest laws and regulations and that all team members are fully informed on how to follow them as well.

Having a compliance officer is a requirement from the OIG, designed to ensure the latest protocols are set in place and that staff is trained as needed.

The partnership’s new service involves a risk assessment for healthcare institutions, an identification process to determine possible vulnerabilities, and an implementation of protection for IT infrastructure and operations. Together, Klik and Medical Business Partners will help medical practices create compliance protocols for training, procedures, and breach incidents, and will designate a compliance officer to oversee processes.

The officers will ensure that the practice staff are thoroughly trained on all protocols and Klik and MBP will perform regular re-assessments.

Klik Solutions was established in 2012 by Arthur Olshansky. They initially began as a company focused on selling data backup and protection services around Baltimore. They now offer a full range of IT solutions, including technology support, cloud, security, and help desk services.

A satisfied client said: “They provide a positive, enjoyable and personal IT experience that inspires a culture of success for their clients, which then spreads to their people and their customers. They do this by consistently challenging the established idea of IT Support as simply a form of technology.”

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