Mountain View CA Bone Density Therapy – Improved Agility/Balance Service Launch

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Musculoskeletal strength system providers, OsteoStrong, have launched updates to their services near Mountain View, CA, including treatments for osteogenesis and to improve overall agility and balance.

OsteoStrong, a skeletal strength development center near Mountain View, CA, has launched updates to its services. The company works to improve bone density in clients for all-around skeletal protection and strength.

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The newly updated services have been developed as a non-pharmaceutical, holistic approach to countering the loss of bone mass in individuals as they age.

The OsteoStrong system was created by Dr. John Jaquish as a safe way to mimic high-impact stress to the skeletal system. The device and process have evolved following years of testing and can fully reverse osteoporosis in clients, in addition to strengthening the musculoskeletal system without the risk of injury.

The company’s approach uses a process referred to as Osteogenic Loading and unique equipment. Via four movements specifically designed to optimize the growth of bone and muscle tissue in clients, each session triggers growth in the lower and upper body, core, and spine.

OsteoStrong’s sessions work to naturally build the muscular-skeletal system of clients for long-term improvement of mineral bone density (MBD), a reduction in joint and back pain, increased physical strength, and overall improved agility and balance.

Before sessions begin, the team of experts at the company offers an online meeting and wellness assessment to go over each client’s goals and tailor a program of Osteogenic Loading that meets their needs. Sessions last around ten minutes and do not cause sweating and soreness, allowing clients to continue on with their day afterward.

With the latest announcement, OsteoStrong continues to invest in providing scientifically proven techniques to improve agility, balance, and overall strength of the musculoskeletal system for clients in Mountain View, Los Gatos, Santa Clara, Campbell, and throughout California.

A satisfied client said: “The OsteoStrong 15-minute machine exercise protocol to build strength, improve balance and increase bone density (all of which is based on medical research) is revolutionary. What’s great about it is that it takes so little time, it’s easy, it’s fun and it works. I noticed improved strength and balance almost immediately.”

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