Philadelphia Public Insurance Adjusting – Property Loss Claims Service Launched

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A claims adjuster dispatch service has been launched by Philadelphia All Risk Public Adjusters. Homeowners and companies can call 215-394-0018 to get help with public insurance adjusting claims.

All Risk Public Adjusters Inc based in Philadelphia, PA has launched a claims adjuster dispatch service for home and business owners that have suffered damage to their property. The public adjuster works on behalf of the homeowner or business owner to ensure they receive promptly the full amount due.

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The service has been launched to provide clients with the reassuring presence of a public insurance adjusting expert who is working for the client, not the insurance company.

Many home and business owners don’t fully appreciate the fact that because the loss adjuster is appointed by the insurance company, their task is to try to reduce the level of payout on each claim. Claimants appointing a public adjuster to represent their interests can utilize the considerable experience their adjuster will have gained handling numerous similar claims in the past. This often results in a higher final settlement for the claimants and a speedier payout due to the more efficient handling of the claims process.

Philadelphia’s All Risk Public Adjusters are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will commit to dispatching a public adjuster immediately if required to help with a claim. The service is available to home and business owners who have suffered the loss of a property, or damage to a property, and want to have an expert working on their behalf to handle the claims process.

Having a home or business premises damaged by fire, vandalism, flooding, wind, hurricane or other natural disaster is distressing and unsettling for the property owner. For a claimant, the reassuring presence of a public insurance adjuster who has their best interests at heart makes the whole experience less stressful and more bearable.

A public insurance adjuster only gets paid in the event that the claimant gets paid and only receives a percentage of the recovered funds, so clients incur no upfront costs. A Florida study by the Government agency, OPPAGA, the Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability found that claimants using a public adjuster received payouts ranging from 40% to 700% more than those who did not engage their own loss adjuster.

A company spokesperson said: “You wouldn’t go to trial without a lawyer. Likewise, you shouldn’t file an insurance claim without an All Risk Public Adjuster. Insurance companies attempt to limit their claim payments as much as possible, and our certified claims adjusters ensure you get the compensation you are due.”

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