What to Use on a Paint by Number Canvas if You Don’t Have a Gesso?

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(Newswire.net — June 28, 2021) –Are you paint by number lover? Then you probably have a ton of personalized paint by number canvas lying all-around your place. You would have all the essential supplies too like gesso, clear and white.

But what if one day you take out a fresh canvas by Personalize Everything, but you figure out you ran out of gesso and no shop would be open for business at this hour. Would you leave your midnight relaxing spree just because of gesso? I don’t think so.

To avoid and overcome any situation like this, I’m going to tell you some fantastic gesso substitutions for painting by numbers.

What else can you use instead of gesso?

You might not realize that the most common stuff around you can be used efficiently as a substitution for gesso. So let’s wait no more and dig in!

  1. A hard matte gel

Now, the only work through this is you are a professional because it does have a waxy texture, and it does make your canvas a bit dry, but it ages well with the paint.

Also, keep in mind that the color gets a little cloudy after the matte gel dries up.

  1. A medium matte gel

This is the closest you will be able to get to gesso if you have gel in your hands. The medium matte gel will give your canvas a fine finish.

Even the texture and consistency of this medium matte gel are very similar to that of gesso.

  1. Matte gel

This is the most basic sort of gel used for priming canvas surfaces. Now the consistency of this matte gel is similar to medium matte gel, and it works as well as your gesso.

  1. Glue rabbit skin

Rabbit skin glue is quite every day in the painter’s industry. You might have one or two yourselves too.

Luckily this sort of glue can also be used as gesso due to its texture when applied. But I wouldn’t apply this glue if I’m working with acrylics, and it gives some extra texture to the canvas. On the other hand, oil paints work just fine with rabbit skin glue.

  1. Oil painting ground

This technique is only for oil paints. Before that, make sure you protect your canvas with a coat of acrylic.

The oil painting ground absorbs well and will work just fine with oil paint.

  1. White acrylic paint

Diluted with a bit of water, a little runny white acrylic paint will work beautifully if you don’t have gesso on your hand.

It’s better than having nothing from the above with you, just used the ordinary paint you have for the time being.

Final words

Whenever applying anything on the surface to coat it on a paint by number canvas, keep in mind that you need just a coat for priming purposes, don’t lather, or your canvas will end up getting damaged.

Also, if you are looking to order more paint by number canvases that are high quality and can handle priming, then hop on to Personalize Everything.

Till then, happy painting to you!