Knowing When To Change Water Filters Just Got Easier

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( — June 28, 2021) — The water purification industry has been one of the industries that have benefitted from the internet because of some forward-thinking designers and engineers in Malaysia. For years, water purification manufacturers have relied on a less-than-perfect system of knowing when to replace their machine’s water filters

The water filter is at the heart of every water purification system in the world. It’s a membrane that acts as a sieve to filter all the impurities from a water source and turn that source into clean, pure, and reliable drinking water. But water filters don’t last forever. At some point, the filters become full of impurities and must be changed. The eternal issue in the water purification industry was always when to change the water filter. 

Time Versus Usage

Most of the world’s water purifier manufacturers recommended their water filters be changed every three to four months. This was a rather broad recommendation meant to have the filters changed well before the accumulated impurities became a problem. And it worked for the most part. But every situation is different. 

Small households with only a few people used their filters a lot less often than a busy office with many thirsty workers. The recommendation from the manufacturer was meant to cover the worst-case scenario of heavy usage like the busy office. But by following the same guidance,  the small household was spending much more money in replacing water filters more often than was needed for their usage. 

There simply wasn’t an accurate system that could be used to measure the water flow and usage of each filter. But that was about to change in Malaysia. 

Introducing The Aurra

A company in Malaysia called Snaptec introduced a home and office water purifier that could be connected to the internet. This virtually solved the issue of when to change the filters of water purifiers. 

Technicians at Snaptec can monitor every water purifier sold and alert the owners when it’s time to change the water filters. They do this by tracking the amount of water flowing through the filter. The length of time that a filter is installed is no longer relevant as a determining factor in when to change it. The much more exacting criteria is the usage. By notifying the owners when the usage is near the filter’s limits, it can save the owners a lot of money in maintenance costs. 

Other Benefits to Online Tracking

Once the engineers at Snaptec perfected the tracking feature of The Aurra, they realized it could deliver other benefits as well. By entering the number of members in a family, it can track a family’s water use and ensure that they’re hydrating themselves sufficiently. They can also track and measure the water purifier’s performance, and alert owner’s to any maintenance issues. 

The ability to communicate online with their products has made Snaptec a leading water purifier manufacturer in Malaysia. Contact them to find out more about The Aurra and what it can mean for your family’s health and well-being.