Art May Alleviate Mental Turmoil During These Times of Pandemic

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( — July 5, 2021) Wilmington, DELAWARE — In these times of economic crisis and public health emergency, it is inevitable that millions of daily lives are changed. 

As a result, people suffer from massive lockdowns and layoffs and are left staying for months inside the confines of their homes. For the many, it has been particularly difficult to be on quarantine or a lockdown especially for those who are used to going out of their house on a daily basis. 

The impacts of these changes vary from one person to another, but the pandemic has apparently affected all collectively. There are many people who cling to social media to deal with boredom. 

However, it is worth noting that while social media helps people connect with others it also is a source of news about the pandemic that triggers anxiety and stress. 

It is worth noting that there are actually some helpful activities highly recommended by experts for individuals who want to make the most out of this crisis. It is wise to engage in certain activities that could be helpful for one’s mental health.

Today, scientists are increasingly looking into the impacts of activities like those involving art on mental health and overall well-being. Decades of research have shown that art creation is linked with a myriad of health benefits, which include alleviation of stress and anxiety. 

Some studies even suggest it may work wonders in battling the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. During difficult times, such as a pandemic, art has been found to play a significant role in helping people deal with the situation well. 

Art therapists even say that the creative process has remarkable ways of allowing people to express their fears, anger, and frustration as well as let go of them. Engaging in art activities could be a great way to deal with this crisis.

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