Palo Alto CA Keyless Access Control System – Commercial Security Services Launch

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Palo Alto-based GoPro Locksmith has launched its range of access control systems supplied by Schlage Commercial Locks, providing a cost-effective solution for securing commercial buildings.

GoPro Locksmith has launched its services offering cost-effective and secure access control systems for commercial buildings in the Palo Alto area.

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The services launched by GoPro Locksmith are designed to provide business owners and property managers a cost-effective solution for securing their commercial buildings, verifying and tracking employee access, and adding to a more aesthetically pleasing look to their buildings.

Access control systems facilitate peace of mind for business owners and managers by providing them with better control over their facility and supporting or partly undertaking the role of physical security staff in securing their premises.

Access control systems save money for businesses by utilizing entry pins or codes for validation before entry, as against the use of physical tokens such as keys, fobs, or key cards. These systems also serve as a more aesthetically appealing option to conventional door locks, thereby complementing a more professional or contemporary look for the building.

Founded in 1999, Go Pro Locksmith is a family-owned business that provides residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. The company offers a range of access control systems utilizing physical keys, keypads, buzzers, or biometric systems depending on the client’s budget, and operates from two locations in Palo Alto and San Bruno.

GoPro Locksmith is a primary supplier of Schlage Commercial Lock products. Schlage Commercial Locks is a technologically advanced commercial lock manufacturer that has been in operation for over ninety years. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for producing multi-use access systems applicable to high-traffic buildings such as hotels, hospitals, schools, condominiums, and others.

A representative said “Go Pro Locksmith carries a range of secure access control system options that can give your employees a convenient way to enter access-controlled areas while keeping safe the things that need safekeeping. Whatever your locksmithing needs, commercial or residential, Go Pro Locksmith has the expertise to provide you with the perfect security solution for your business.”

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