Marlton NJ Personal Injury Attorneys – Pressure Cooker Explosion Guide Launched

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According to a newly released guide, victims of pressure cooker explosions now have access to nationwide litigation specialists through person injury attorneys Console and Associates P.C.

Marlton, New Jersey-based personal injury law firm Console and Associates P.C. has launched a new guide into the dangers of pressure cookers. With offices in Marlton and Newark, New Jersey, as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company has also announced national consultative services for those who have been involved or injured in a pressure cooker mishap.

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Entitled, ‘Are Pressure Cookers Safe?’, the recently launched guide takes an in-depth look at the problem and provides readers with more information on the dangers posed by these appliances.

Pressure cookers heat water to create steam at temperatures much higher than ordinary pots or pans. This reduces cook time while retaining vitamin and mineral content. Modern pressure cookers have a range of safety devices such as safety locks and pressure regulators.

However, as the new guide from Console and Associates explains, a number of recent cases and product recalls have highlighted the fact that many pressure cooker safety systems are inadequate.

The range of injuries an exploding pressure cooker can inflict makes for sober reading. They include second and third-degree burns that require skin grafts, eye injuries and/or blindness, traumatic brain injuries, and amputations of limbs.

The guide provides readers with some guidance in the use of pressure cookers. Console and Associates caution that the devices should not be used if there are any signs of wear and tear or if the lid does not close correctly. In addition, readers are advised to always use pressure cookers in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Unfortunately, in many of the recent cases, victims have been using their pressure cookers in full compliance with what the manufacturer suggested. In response to the recent spate of accidents, Console and Associates has partnered with a number of specialist litigators nationwide who are ready to review cases at no cost to the victim.

A company representative stated: “The problem is that this high-pressure internal environment could set the stage for an explosion if something goes wrong, which happens too often. Hundreds of people across the United States have sustained severe burns from being scalded by the contents of defective pressure cookers that exploded.”

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