Top Key Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Facemask

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( — June 29, 2021) —  The COVID-19 virus that surfaced in 2019 has had a significant impact on most people’s lives. Different countries are locked down to reduce their spread. The sole thing that anyone wants to do now is to minimize the rate of corona transmission, and this is where facemasks come in handy. Not forgetting social distancing, of course. Today, wearing facemasks has become a new norm. But, will you just go for any mask in the market?  The common ones made from typical fabrics will somehow make a difference; however, they might not do much good because they are thin and can easily allow for the penetration of air. So, which is the most ideal face mask to use? Well, this guide will take you through all the tips you need to choose the best mask, like N95 Mask for you and your loved ones. Buying one seems less daunting but, considering the following factors, it is worthwhile.

1. Reusable Face Masks

It is never safe to wear disposable masks repeatedly unless you are sure of proper maintenance and care. Due to this, reusable ones become the perfect choice for many people. For instance, having approximately four reusable masks should be plenty enough to rotate. A variety of them is available online. You only need to ensure that they are at least two-layered and meet the necessary standards set by the Center for Disease Control.

2. Look For A Perfect Fit

Wearing a dangling face mask can sometimes be so uncomfortable. Although some may claim that they make breathing a little bit easier, being loose reduces their effectiveness. A well-fitting mask, therefore, becomes the most suitable choice for you. You should check since there should be no space between your face and the mask to ensure that no droplets enter from outside. However, remember that you want to be as comfortable as possible; thus, the masks shouldn’t be very tight. If you happen to feel claustrophobic with a total coverage mask, then you ought to consider one with a breathing valve-like N95 Mask. The valve will make breathing much easier for you.

3. Consider The Material

Some types of fabrics are suitable absorbents compared to others. Face masks tend to trap warm air; thus, your face will become sweaty after a long time of wear. This is not only messy and equally risky. Therefore, it is recommended that you get rid of any masks once it attracts more moisture against your face.  This is where cotton masks come in handy. It can be so frustrating to keep changing your masks because they are less absorbent. The ones made of cotton will absorb the sweat completely, thereby avoiding being dump over a short time.

4. Check On The Raw Ears

Many people tend to complain about the chafing always caused by masks around the ears. Although most of them are made of elastic ear loops, they can sometimes rub around the area, leaving it tender. It is, therefore, necessary that you find a mask with friendly loops to prevent skin irritation.

Although masks play a significant role in fighting the transmission of the covid-19 virus, it should never be an alternative from social distancing or regular washing of hands.  With this simple guide, you will find the most reasonable option, such as N95 Mask, to match your specific needs.