Millennial Workforce Management – Employee Engagement Strategy Webcast Launched

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Employee feedback software company, Weeve LLC, announces a new webcast on the different challenges and opportunities that organizations have with their millennial workforce.

Weeve LLC, an end-to-end employee feedback software, announces its latest webcast on the millennial workforce. Co-founder and CEO of Weeve, Vivek Mehta spoke with Lisa Banks, co-founder and partner of Optify Coaching, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the new workforce.

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The new webcast talks about how the workforce is changing and will continue to change, and what managers can do to reduce any challenges that may arise from dealing with a millennial team. In particular, both Mehta and Banks stress that millennials bring a different set of values from previous generations, and these need to be appropriately addressed to maintain a strong employee retention rate.

This is important, given the current times. According to the latest financial estimates, some companies have a high employee turnaround rate because they are unable to meet their employees’ needs, especially on an emotional level. Employees today need to feel like they are part of a team and that their concerns are heard by management.

Millennials have been studied to be more team-focused and want to engage in more socially responsible programs. Data also suggests that these employees believe they “can work smarter and harder” than previous generations, especially as they are more technically savvy.

The webcast talks about three factors that organizations need to do to remain globally competitive. The first is that they need to adapt to the culture of their millennial employees. Then, they need to create an employee engagement process that fits with millennial values of trust and empathy. Lastly, they need to provide new millennial managers with the strategies and techniques to be effective leaders.

Mehta and Banks say that it is important that organizations build a positive work environment to keep their teams happy and productive.

Weeve has designed its proprietary software solution for employee feedback. It leveraged the latest technologies to develop Kim, an emotionally aware AI chatbot who is capable of having organic conversations with employees. This allows managers to have a unique and actionable insight into their teams.

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