Edinburgh UK Private 5G Network Division For Healthcare Services Report Launch

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Livingston, UK-based Boost Pro Systems (+44-330-124-4805) have launched updated 5G network solutions for businesses along with a new report on its benefits across a range of sectors.

Boost Pro Systems, network coverage and telecommunication specialists based in Livingston, UK, have launched updated private 5G network services along with a new report explaining the benefits of their connectivity solutions. The launch provides clients with a private, dedicated network for business purposes, offering full control, independent management and simple set-up.

More details can be found here https://boostprosystems.com/2021/04/01/what-is-private-5g

The company offer expert consultancy and streamlined set-up of private 5G networks. Boost Pro Systems’ 5G service offers high standards of network security, local data storage and gives clients complete control over how sensitive information is managed. This makes private 5G networks ideal for healthcare providers, financial organisations and government agencies.

According to Statista, adoption of 5G is likely to triple in 2021. While 4G connectivity remains adequate for most users’ needs, 5G’s superior speeds, bandwidth and adaptability will soon see it become the standard for consumers globally.

Boost Pro Systems’ newly updated private 5G network services can be deployed wirelessly, making set-up swift, simple and free from untidy network cables. The company also provide Network Slicing for clients. This entails dividing a private 5G network into different virtual networks, fully customised for the specific needs of an organisation – allowing them to prioritise individuals or groups of users for optimal network speed.

Other benefits of 5G include increased bandwidth, enabling faster transfer of data and seamless real-time communications with reduced latency.

Boost Pro Systems can facilitate Ofcom licensing for private 5G network operations. The dedicated team offer expertise in leveraging 5G connectivity for innovative, business-driven solutions, designed to increase efficiency and security.

The company provide bespoke network solutions for organisations across a range of sectors. From design, deployment and ongoing management of networks, Boost Pro Systems make advanced technology simple for their clients.

Boost Pro Systems are experts in all manner of telecommunication services. From signal repeating technology for areas with poor reception, to their new private 5G network solutions, the company are committed to making innovation in technology accessible to clients nationwide.

A spokesperson says, “Once installed, we provide ongoing managed services, digital performance monitoring and apply automatic updates to support continual network changes in your area.”

With the launch of their new report and updated private 5G network services, Boost Pro Systems affirm their commitment to making fast, secure and versatile network management accessible to businesses everywhere.

For more information please visit https://youtu.be/v85D4YQ1nDo