Scientists Warn Weather-Related Calamities May Take a Toll on Mental Health

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( — July 7, 2021) Orlando, FL — As the rates of mental health issues continue to soar, more and more researchers are carrying out studies to investigate the factors that could potentially contribute to their onset. 

Some studies suggest that mental health issues like depression and anxiety may be due to brain chemical imbalance. There are also researchers who strongly suggest they develop due to external factors, such as catastrophic events. 

The University of York and the National Centre for Social Research scientists carried out a study. They analyzed data from a large national mental health survey called the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey (APMS), which is the primary source of information on the mental health of people living in England. 

The researchers found that the odds of experiencing mental health issues like anxiety and depression were higher among those with homes damaged by flooding or storms, who were significantly at more risk of experiencing mental health issues. 

It is also worth mentioning that the researchers used diagnostic criteria in assessing mental disorders. 

They particularly found that there was an increase in the risk of poorer mental health by 50 percent among individuals who experienced such destruction. 

Professor Hilary Graham says that this study shows that exposure to extreme or even moderate weather events may result in ‘psychological casualties’ with significant impacts on mental health. 

Graham is the lead author of the study and is from the Department of Health Sciences at the University of York. 

Studies investigating the various aspects of mental health actually pile up. Interestingly, some nutrients like B vitamins have been found to be beneficial for the brain particularly for mental health. 

According to research, the production of certain brain chemicals involved in mood involves B vitamins. 

There are also studies revealing the link between reduced levels of B12, B6, and folate and depression. Having an adequate intake of these nutrients can be easy as they can be obtained from a variety of food items. 

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