Huge Growth Forecast For the Precision Ball Market Over the Next Ten Years

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( — June 30, 2021) —

Huge growth opportunities have been identified and forecast for the precision ball market over the period 2021-2031, and from a wide variety of different sectors. Demand for the product is only set to increase, which is good news for manufacturers involved in the production of precision balls and bearing rollers. Here we analyse where this growth is expected to come from, and the global impact that it may lead to:

Understanding the Key Growth Markets

The key growth markets for precision balls and bearing rollers are the automotive sector, the aerospace sector, machine tooling, and the energy industry. Independently, these are all sectors that are expected to experience dramatic growth over the next decade, which goes some way to explain, in the simplest possible terms, why the precision ball sector will experience a similar growth trajectory.

It would be impossible to talk about future growth in any market without talking about the impact of covid-19 on 2020/2021. This outbreak has led to dynamic changes in the industry, but these are not insurmountable, and the industry has quickly bounced back, with the industry uptrend rising considerably as 2021 has proceeded. Global supply chains, dynamics without the sectors and demand have all been impacted. But, provided the recovery continues as it has up until this point, the worst of the impact of the crisis is now over.

Understanding the Importance of Precision Balls

If you’re not already aware of the versatility of the precision balls industry, these highly precise pieces of equipment can be constructed of metal, alloy, plastic, rubber, glass or ceramic. They are key critical in aeronautical, guidance systems, car construction and they also have a wide array of military applications. Precision balls can be used in any construction process where higher levels of precision are required. In short, they are highly spherical, highly smooth, and highly important. As precision balls are used in all sectors that will experience considerable short-term growth, they are worth exploration.

A key example of this is the global boom in car sales post-lockdown. Electric car sales in particular have surged, with plug in vehicle sales making up 14% of all UK car sales in March 2021, as consumers seek to make more ethical choices and demand for greener vehicles explodes. As the car sales market grows, so too does the car manufacturing industry, and with it, business demand for precision balls and associated parts. This same pattern can be demonstrated across a wealth of relevant industries, as the global economy reignites and pent-up consumer demand is released.

Opportunity for Investors

In brief, the precision balls and bearing rollers industry is one that is ripe for investment, and considered a steady pair of hands that will experience consistent growth over the next decade. As the relevant markets continue to grow, so too will demand for the parts that those markets rely on.