God/Human Connection – Universal Knowledge Spiritual Self-Help Book Launched

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“The Human Race Is God, Too! Also He is [Your Name]”, written by K.C. Pattison and released by, Arizona-based Global Stabilized Energy helps readers reconcile the dualism between self and God.

Tucson, Arizona-based Global Stabilized Energy has released a new book by K.C. Pattison titled “The Human Race Is God, Too! Also He is [Your Name].” Rooted in spirituality “The Human Race Is God, Too!” positions science and religion as dichotomies from which today’s faith is extrapolated. The book argues that faith is a mere belief rather than an embodiment of God or God’s plan, and that every human is a small God, thereby transcending faith and conventional knowledge.

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With the release of his book “The Human Race Is God, Too! Also He is [Your Name],” Pattison aims to bring a new way of understanding God and the universe to a global population for the purposes of removing strife, anguish and illness. Based on a formula that arose from his divorce 25 years ago, Pattison coalesces principles from today’s thought leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, Howard Shultz, Deepak Chopra, Anthony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle and John Gray, and superimposes these combined principles over the church to determine the “entire truth.” Pattison posits the entire truth is one all-knowing God that is not only free from religious leanings but an amalgam of all living things.

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“The Human Race Is God, Too!” can be thought of as a modern bible that begins by bringing all religions together to eliminate conflicting theologies and replace superficial faith with “the perfect knowledge of self,” which is to say, an innate knowledge of God.

Pattison’s Body, Mind, and Spirit self-help publication takes readers on a journey toward the discovery of a collective God, embodied by all, and the individual God-self. Alluding to the Fibonacci sequence, Pattison says God’s truth is perfect mathematics represented in human form. As such, everyone is in possession of a Universal Intelligence, as revealed by Pattison’s formula.

Pattison draws on methods that include the doctrine of science and the doctrine of religion to elucidate the meaning of life and God. Using a body of techniques where all questions can be answered with an innate understanding of phenomena, and perfect knowledge past and present, Pattison concludes that the ancient ancestors were correct in their assessment that humans are in small part mere gods and therefore half spirit. The key, says Pattison, is to unite the God-self and the human self to set the course for the full embodiment of a collective God, just as He intended humans to be.

“The Human Race Is God, Too!” offers insights on a variety of topics, with chapters that explore inner and outer technologies as dualities versus dimensions rooted in a mathematically sound God and god-self; the other five deep senses; and the meaning of spirituality and the laws of thought which, when brought together, open up a third world where the only two dimensions are the physical part of God and humans as His mirror image in intellect and knowledge.

Pattison says that with the knowledge a person can gain once they equal God and begin loving their neighbor (their fellow God-self), the potential for war, divorce and other conflicts and ailments can be erased.

The book challenges readers to imagine the life they could lead as their God-self, equal to God in knowledge, spirituality and understanding yet represented as a normal human. He cautions readers not to confuse his proposition with the church’s idea of emulating God, but to go deeper through the embodiment of God’s wisdom to eliminate today’s toxic human conditioning.

Pattison says that by transcending the oppositional roles love and conventional truths play within one’s existence to understand a fold imbued by the mechanics of the universe where God is four truths: male, female, human and God, the answer to life’s big questions can be reduced to three pillars: one love (how well a person did to master the God-self is told by uniting their marriage), one God (mastering to the razor edge of one “SELF” to be God’s equal) and one truth (every truth meats in the “center” (human parts the outside) of the “middle” (spiritual side on the inside) at the razor edge of the spiritual side and our human parts it’s mathematically perfect). These are the pillars of a perfect life. Oprah did in her 26 episodes “tough questions about God” back in 2015 the theme was Love, God, Truth and asked to identify a trailblazer, she just needed to go a little deeper. To define God by the twins in language and to explain everything in the universe with out error God’s way the book explains.

In addition to the book, Global Stabilized Energy offers a selection of philosophical online courses, and a number of other publications from which Pattison was inspired, and which lay the foundation for his own book.

A recent customer says: “This book makes an impact on so many levels. It’s a look at religion but most importantly, a look at humanity. It explores love from a spiritual and human standpoint. This is a thinking person’s book, and the author presents ideas most people would never think of.”

With the launch of their Body, Mind and Spirit self-help book, “The Human Race Is God, Too! Also He is [Your Name]” Global Stabilized Energy gives readers access to a body of knowledge and a resulting formula which, should it be adopted, is poised to do away with health problems that include disease, emotional ailments, anxiety, depression and addiction, and could potentially unite life and death.

“The Human Race Is God, Too!” helps readers understand the self and get to a place of divine knowing so that humanity can be united in one love, one God and one truth. God’s system is perfect humanity just needs to understand the system starting with the correct foundation to see God correctly.

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