Dayton Lewisburg Wire EDM Medical Devices And Tool & Die Expert Services Expands

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CAM Tech Inc. has announced the expansion of its wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) services, with quick turnaround times and favorable pricing for clients in the Dayton and Lewisburg area.

CAM Tech, Inc has announced the expansion of its core services to businesses across Ohio, bringing its wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) services to clients in Dayton, Lewisburg, and the surrounding area. The company specializes in spark machining for tool & die and medical devices.

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The expansion of services ensures that the company can better fulfill its longstanding promise of quick project turnaround times for clients in Dayton, as well as other areas in Ohio, Wisconsin, and the Midwest. This will facilitate faster completion times for projects, and ultimately reduce the loss of time, money, and other resources caused by machining-related delays.

The wire EDM metal-working process involves the use of electrical erosion to remove material from a conductive workpiece. The process requires minimal tooling procedures and because of its accuracy and precision, is particularly suited for use with materials that are considered difficult to shape.

CAM Tech has been providing quality EDM services out of their original location in Muskego, Wisconsin, since 1996. The company has built a reputation for providing quick turnaround times and favorable pricing on wire EDM services.

Wire EDM services provided by CAM Tech apply to medical devices and instrumentation, aerospace components, automotive and motorcycle components, carbide components, trim dies, mold components, and others. The company is equipped to fulfill a variety of machining projects using cutting-edge machinery that includes 12 high-speed wire EDMs and 2 EDM micro-hole drilling stations.

Research and development efforts can also be materialized by utilizing the wire EDM technology to develop cost-effective prototypes and models that require precision during the early stages of development. The facility is equipped for round-the-clock production.

A representative said “Here at CAM Tech, we have expanded our services to customers throughout Ohio and provide quick turnaround times on tool & die and medical device components while maintaining a high standard of quality. On-time completion is important to us. We know your work depends on it. Our reputation thrives on it. Regardless of your needs, we can probably help with your project.”

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