Baltimore MD Deck Builders – Rooftop Oasis/Pergola Custom Design Service Updated

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Baltimore area deck building and repair experts that specialize in custom rooftop and backyard decks are offering updated designs for the 2021 summer season.

Deck Builder Baltimore, professional deck installation and repair specialists, have updated their line of services to include new designs and options for the 2021 summer season. While the company specializes in building customized new decks, they also repair, restore, and refinish old decks.

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The updated services offered by the company are in response to customer appreciation for the creative decks they have installed throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area. The company believes they have helped to create a theme of beautiful rooftop decks throughout the area and wishes to continue adding their own flavor of decking to the community.

Deck Builder Baltimore specializes in building decks on rooftops, where they can create custom designs from a private rooftop oasis to a viewing gallery and outdoor dining room. They believe that anything is possible and encourage their customers to use their imagination to come up with the rooftop deck design of their dreams.

Since the weather will affect how much time their customers can spend enjoying their decks, the company suggests a pergola. A pergola can provide varying amounts of shade and weather resistance depending on how the rafters are spaced. Some customers also prefer an awning, which can be adjusted depending on the season and weather.

The company’s website offers a variety of tips for those looking to design a new deck or update an old one. One example is a suggestion to not install guard rails on decks that are lower to the ground, as this allows them to appear even larger than they are. They also suggest their customers consider using the space below their deck for anything from storage to a children’s play area.

Their repair crew is trained in all types of deck repair, whether the damage is caused by general wear, extreme weather, or dry rot. Customers who are not certain whether their decks are safe to use are encouraged to call and have an inspector check their deck before they use it, to make sure it is structurally safe. Details are available at

Regular deck maintenance will improve the aesthetics of a deck, and also help to prevent damage from occurring. The company offers re-staining services that will help to protect client’s decks from UV or water damage and will extend the lifespan of the deck. Regular re-staining can also help to prevent dry rot, mold, and mildew from getting through a decks finish.

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