Round Rock TX Solar Panels Battery Backup System – Installation Service Launched

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Smart Energy Management (210-987-7954), a leading provider of solar energy equipment, has launched solar panel installation with battery backup for eco-friendly clients in Round Rock, Texas.

Smart Energy Management, a Texas-based solar energy company, has launched a solar panel and battery backup installation service for customers in Round Rock and the surrounding communities. The company promotes sustainable living through affordable solar energy products.

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According to the SEIA (Solar Energies Industry Association), Texas generates enough solar energy to power 575,000 houses statewide. Additionally, the state sees over 200 days of sunlight per year. With the latest announcement, Smart Energy Management offers customers an entry point into this expanding market.

The company explains that tax incentives and rebates can help customers offset the initial installation cost. For instance, CPS Energy’s cash rebate and a 26% IRS tax credit are available to customers who fit their homes with solar panels. As electricity costs continue to rise, solar energy also reduces customers’ monthly bills.

With Smart Energy Management’s battery backup system, customers can live independently from power grids and electricity companies. In the event of power outages or extreme weather, the energy stored in batteries will ensure customers have power. The company offers two lithium-ion battery brands: Tesla Powerwall and LG. Critically, the Tesla Powerwall’s 13.5 kw/h capacity will power homes during low-light times, and it has a ten-year warranty.

When customers choose solar panel installation, Smart Energy Management will complete the necessary survey and secure HOA approval. This process typically takes 4-12 weeks. Next, they will install the panel and battery systems in one to two days. The company uses only the highest quality solar energy brands, such as Mission Solar, LG, Q Cells, and SolarEdge. Each panel comes with a 30-year warranty, too.

With the latest launch, the company continues to help customers in Texas lower their carbon footprint through affordable solar energy products.

Smart Energy Management has over ten years of experience in the renewable energy industry. They are committed to reducing the pollution caused by fossil fuels.

“Pollutants are a byproduct of our fast-moving society,” said a spokesperson for the company. “The time to act is now, and we believe that renewable energy should be affordable for everyone.”

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