Cryotherapy For Knee Pain Management/Cold Compression Knee Pad System Launched

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Online lifestyle products retailer Mystadora launched a new cryotherapy system for sale to provide customers with an effective device to help relieve knee pain.

Mystadora, an online lifestyle products store announced the launch of the Aircast Cryo Cuff cold compression therapy system. The business specializes in curating and selling the latest in home and personal care products.

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The company’s new product aims to provide customers with an effective cold compression therapy device to help alleviate knee pain.

According to sports scientists, cold or cryotherapy is proven effective to help heal injuries and speed up muscle recovery. It also reduces edema or build-up of fluid, inflammation, muscle spasms, blood flow and increases metabolism.

Cold therapies such as ice baths have been used by elite athletes such as professional football players and basketball players for many years.

Further research shows that cold therapy has been known to lower blood glucose levels and improve sleep and immunity. It also effectively reduces the need for narcotics and IV pain relief medications during post-operative recovery.

Mystadora’s new product, the Aircast Cryo Cuff IC Cooler and Knee Pads System combines focused compression with cold therapy.

The system comes with a cooler, knee pad, water hose and an integrated pneumatic pump. The cooler chills water in minutes using ice and an insulating pad. When the water is chilled, the pneumatic pump pushes water through the water hose and into the knee pad. The knee pad can be easily wrapped around the knee and adjusted to the user’s size.

The system features a 30-second cycle that provides automatic intermittent compression. The cyclical compression uses chilled water inside the cuff and maintains water pressure necessary to provide effective cryotherapy and help prevent hemarthrosis or bleeding into a joint cavity.

The system can also be used without the pneumatic motor pump. With the aid of gravity, one has to simply lift the cooler up several inches to let the chilled water flow down into the knee pad until the desired pressure is reached.

Easy to use and to dismantle, the product is portable enough to be used anywhere—in the gym, in the locker room, or at home.

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