Sundance Film Festival/Production Documentary – A Journey To Sundance Launch

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Hollywood Filmmakers LLC. announced the world premiere of “A Journey To Sundance,” which depicts the harrowing journey of a group of filmmakers aiming to understand the Sundance Film Festival and the independent film industry.

Hollywood Filmmakers LLC. has announced the world premier of their feature-length documentary film, entitled “A Journey To Sundance.” The film, directed by Julian Starks, follows the 13-year-long journey of a group of passionate filmmakers seeking to understand the world-famous Sundance Film Festival.

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The recently announced premiere of the groundbreaking film aims to bring attention to the struggles of independent filmmakers and provide an in-depth analysis of the independent film industry.

The film was originally intended to explore the process of selling a script at the Sundance Film Festival. However, it became much more when Bill Jacobson pitched the idea of filming a “documentary within a documentary.”

Julian Starks is the main subject of the film, and he is no stranger to sacrifice and adversity. At the beginning of production, Starks was effectively homeless. Despite being forced to live out of his SUV due to limited financial resources, he put all of his energy into telling a compelling story about the most important event in independent filmmaking.

To make his dream a reality, Starks needed a team. First, he partnered with Bill Jacobson and Jennifer Sorenson, who worked both as actors and producers in the realization of the film. The team slowly grew to include many talented members, including directors of photography, Todd Kirschner and Adam Tash and cameraman and editor, Spencer Averick.

The film also features a wide range of talented actors, including Tim Coyne, Terrence Kava, Kyle Mayer, Georgia Ragsdale, and Lenny Herb.

In addition to depicting the team’s struggles with the many obstacles associated with independent filmmaking, “A Journey To Sundance,” showcases the plight of other independent filmmakers from around the world.

By chance, Robert Redford, founder of the Sundance Film Festival and primary subject of the film, saw the documentary in 2012 and encouraged Starks to re-shoot it, resulting in the final product available now.

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A spokesperson said: “‘A Journey To Sundance’ examines the crushing reality of the fierce competition of the motion picture industry and the struggles of many young directors.”

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