Noosa QLD Luxury House Renovation/New Build Expert Construction Service Expanded

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Noosa-based LDG Constructions have expanded their construction services to include the development of newly built lifestyle and luxury homes in the Sunshine Coast region.

Noosa-based LDG Constructions has expanded its range of construction services to include luxury house renovations and new builds for customers across the Sunshine Coast.

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The expanded services from LDG Constructions draw from more than 55 years of experience as a family-owned business specialising in construction within the Noosa area and other parts of the Sunshine Coast.

Local builders provide vital, cost-effective solutions for house owners who prefer to work with renovation specialists who understand the area. Local companies are able to source the finest materials because know the best places for construction equipment and materials, offer the widest possible range of luxury design options, and ensure that projects meet deadlines.

LDG Constructions provides its clients with comprehensive building services including house construction, decking and pergolas, home renovations, house extensions, landscaping, and various other interior and exterior construction services. The company pays attention to sustainability and quality, ensuring that the timber utilised in construction in their services is termite-treated and responsibly sourced.

LDG Constructions is a family-owned business, run by a father-son duo, Danny and James Leach. With a team that has over 55 years of experience in the building industry, The Noosa luxury home builders have an extensive portfolio of projects that includes renovations, swimming pool construction, housing developments, and commercial site development.

The company offers a range of support services to make the decision-making process attached to building a new lifestyle home as seamless as possible. This includes personalised consultation and access to previously developed plans and designs. Their website also includes samples of house plans, a home building cost calculator, and contact details for a quick consult.

A representative explained “We are market leaders in design and quality construction. If it’s a high-quality custom luxury home with designer features that will bring your family together creating lasting memories, then LDG Constructions from Noosa, Sunshine Coast is the builder for you.”

Interested parties can review previous projects and find more information on LDG Constructions and their services by visiting their website at