Interesting Recent Studies Reveal the Evidence-Based Steps to Enhance Heart Health

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( — July 13, 2021) Orlando, FL — Statistics warn that in the United States, 1 in every 4 deaths is due to heart disease. Still in the country, this condition is the top cause of mortality in men and women. 

Health authorities warn against the signs and symptoms of a heart attack, and this is due to the fact that quick treatment is vital in increasing the chances of survival. 

Some of the symptoms to watch out for are shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, and pain in the upper body. There are risk factors of heart disease, such as poor diet, excessive weight, diabetes, alcohol abuse, and physical inactivity.

Multiple research studies have shown that some steps could work wonders in protecting and enhancing heart health. Experts have long been stressing the importance of engaging in physical activities, following a healthy diet and managing a healthy weight.

It is similarly important to avoid smoking and regulating the intake of alcohol.

In following a healthy diet, it is strongly recommended to consume more fruits and vegetables and reduce intake of processed, junk foods. It is also best to eat foods that are low in trans fat, saturated fats, and cholesterol. 

Not many people are aware that some natural ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea may work wonders in protecting and enhancing heart health. 

In multiple research studies, Rhodiola has been found to offer a range of health benefits. These include its therapeutic effects on heart health.

Scientists reveal that Rhodiola Rosea has adaptogenic, anti-stress, cardioprotective, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties.

It even has Neuroendocrine, hepatoprotective, and Monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) inhibitory agents.

It has been found that Rhodiola could potentially work wonders in protecting the heart against damage. This could produce significant life-saving benefits to millions of people around the globe. 

In 2004, a study it has been found that Rhodiola may potentially inhibit stress-induced heart damage. This is thought to be due to its bioactive compounds namely, salidroside, rosin, rosavin, rosarin, and tyrosol.

This therapeutic remedy may even aid in preventing an irregular heartbeat from occurring.

There are actually many health benefits associated with the use of this natural remedy. Today, more and more dietitians recommend its use due to its remarkable healing benefits. 

It is worth realizing that this therapeutic remedy may potentially work wonders in fighting a range of diseases and disorders.

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