Florida Accredited Investors – Life Settlement Investment Opportunities Launched

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Peninsula Capital Partners has launched opportunities for Florida residents to participate in life settlement investments, an investment option once available only to institutional investors.

Daytona Beach, Florida-based Peninsula Capital Partners has launched investment opportunities in life settlements for high net worth individuals and accredited investors looking for alternative investment solutions.

More information is available at https://peninsulacapitalpartners.org

Through the newly launched Policy Shares™ program, Peninsula Capital Partners and their Florida partner Bedrock Policy Group offer Florida residents this rare chance that was previously accessible only to large institutional investors.

Life settlements are alternative investments where investors stand to gain fixed returns with low financial risks and almost zero volatility. They are not tied to the stock market, the economy, commodities, and interest rates, and are backed by the biggest insurance companies in the world.

In a life settlement, a life insurance policy owner sells their policy to an investor for a price higher than the insurance’s cash surrender value but lower than the death benefits. The investor pays any future premium of the policy, and upon the owner’s death, receives the benefits payable to the owner.

A typical life insurance seller is someone who wants to cash in on an underperforming policy or has no more need for the coverage. In many cases, the proceeds from the sale are used to fund the owner’s retirement, allowing them to enjoy the monetary value of their policy in their golden years.

Acquiring multiple life policies requires a highly significant amount, and for the longest time, life settlement investments had been dominated by large investors, such as Bear Stearns, Berkshire Hathaway, and Credit Suisse.

Through Policy Shares, however, Peninsula Capital Partners is able to provide individual accredited investors with the opportunity to participate in such a venture and acquire interests in life settlement pools.

In addition to life settlements, the company also provides opportunities for commercial real estate investments through their partnership with AIP Capital LLC. The group identifies undervalued commercial properties with high yield potential and injects value-add capital improvements to optimize the profitability of the property.

Interested parties can learn more at https://peninsulacapitalpartners.org