E-Commerce Site Setup – Automated Store/Custom Merch Branding Services Launched

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Ligthtwheel Media has launched its automated e-store services. The company handles graphic design, product development, and fulfillment, which allows clients to focus on their business.

Lightwheel Media, an e-commerce automation company, has announced the launch of their online store building services. After achieving success with online apparel stores of their own, the company is now offering their services to entrepreneurs looking to start a career in e-commerce.

More information is available at https://mybizmerch.com

The launch of the e-commerce store building services aims to give entrepreneurs the products, software tools, and marketing expertise needed to succeed in this area of business.

In response to the current pandemic and the restrictions that have accompanied it, many retail transactions have been forced online. Though e-commerce was already experiencing rapid growth, the pandemic caused an unprecedented increase in revenue. In 2020 alone, the North American e-commerce industry grew by 18.1%. Experts have projected that the sector’s rapid growth will continue for several years, and the industry is expected to reach $6.5 trillion in revenue by 2023.

Ligthtwheel Media provides a comprehensive e-commerce store solution. The company handles every step of the process, including product development, brand design, and fulfillment.

The company’s experts begin by collaborating with clients to help them realize their brand vision. After the consultation, the design team creates a unique, custom logo. The logo is then printed on a variety of products, including mugs, shirts, and other apparel.

Following the product design stage, the web design team creates a ready-to-use custom e-store. The e-store comes equipped with industry-standard e-com software, such as GrooveKart. Clients can also access Slingly, which allows them to connect their store with other online shopping platforms, including Amazon and Etsy.

The company also provides digital marketing solutions for client stores. The marketing team employs a unique content marketing strategy designed to drive organic traffic to clients’ sites. Based on market research, the digital outreach strategy targets the customers most likely to buy clients’ products.

Ligthtwheel Media completes the fulfillment process with an emphasis on speed, as they know timely delivery is important to customers. A satisfied customer said: “Very fast delivery! I was pretty amazed with their speed.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://mybizmerch.com