Buford GA Functional Medicine Doctor – Integrative Medical Care Services Launch

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Conscious Medicine (+1-678-629-3833) a functional medical practice located in Buford, Georgia, launched integrative medical care services. The services provide patients with effective holistic therapies that take into consideration their medical, emotional and psycho-spiritual history.

Conscious Medicine, an integrative lifestyle management practice based in Buford, Georgia announced the launch of functional medical care services. The clinic specializes in a wide range of holistic medical approaches to cure chronic illnesses.

More information can be found at https://consciousmed.co/i-medicine

Lead by Dr. Truc Nguyen, the integrative medicine clinic has been successful in providing the community of Buford, Duluth, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, and the surrounding areas with functional healthcare services. The newly launched services aim to provide patients with lasting relief from chronic ailments by focusing on resolving the root cause of diseases.

According to Conscious Medicine’s experienced doctors, functional medicine affords patients what traditional medicine does not—resolving lingering health issues through an explorative look into their medical, emotional and psycho-spiritual history.

While traditional medicine targets and cures symptoms separately, functional medicine investigates symptoms in conjunction with the patients’ lifestyle, habits, mental stressors, and emotional state to be able to find a lasting cure to their diseases and improve their overall well-being as well.

The treatment program is a 90-day long plan which includes 2 doctor visits, 3 coaching visits, nutritional planning, and unlimited patient-doctor support.

The program starts with a visit with a partner doctor or health coach to explore a patient’s medical history and lifestyle. The in-depth consultation lasts about 90 minutes.

After the consultation, the doctor will perform an extensive health evaluation by ordering tests that cover over 300 biomarkers in order to get a complete picture of what is going on in the patient’s body.

Based on the investigative medical analysis and tests, a personalized plan will be developed built around the patient’s unique body chemistry and way of life. The holistic plan may entail targeted nutrition, supplements and activity recommendations which can be integrated easily into a patient’s lifestyle.

Conscious Medicine’s investigative functional medicine treatment plan has seen great results with 86% of patients achieving significant health improvement in just 90 days. More than 75% of patients have also been known to reduce or eliminate their need for prescription medicines.

The clinic also offers functional nutrition IV therapy, lifestyle and weight loss management, and neuromuscular balancing therapy.

Interested parties can call +1-678-629-3833 or visit https://consciousmed.co