Mantua NJ Commercial Landscaping/Snow Removal – Lawn Conservation Service Launch

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Mantua, New Jersey-based Sunset Lawn and Landscape (888-606-3305) provides commercial property owners with professional lawn maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal solutions.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape, a maintenance company based in Mantua, New Jersey, has updated its services to include lawn conservation, landscaping, and snow removal for commercial clients. The company offers year-round, 24/7 assistance for apartments and office facilities in southern New Jersey.

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Sunset Lawn and Landscape understands the particular challenges that each season in New Jersey brings; spring and summer require drainage and landscaping solutions, while winter is the season for snow removal. With the latest announcement, the company helps commercial property owners maintain attractive and safe property exteriors.

When it comes to lawn maintenance, they know that healthy grass needs the correct pH balance. To this end, each commercial inspection includes a Rutgers Soil Laboratory test to determine pH and soil fertility levels. The company then administers the necessary sulfur and fertilizers to ensure the grass remains weed-free.

Similarly, Sunset Lawn and Landscape can also ensure that the trees and shrubs around clients’ property are neat and healthy. In the spring, the company treats trees with a deep root fertilizer. Then, later in the summer, they apply horticultural oil to protect the plants from insects and disease.

The company is a reliable winter maintenance partner, too. It provides 24/7 snow plowing, shoveling, and ice removal to ensure commercial clients’ properties are safe. If necessary, they offer same-day removal; their staff communicates with clients and studies weather reports to determine the optimal time for plowing.

With the updated services, the company continues to provide clients in Mantua and the surrounding areas with year-round maintenance services.

Sunset Lawn and Landscape take pride in exceptional customer service. As a testament to their quality, they are licensed by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) and the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).

“My yard was a wreck from the winter, but the crew came in and immediately started cleaning up,” said a satisfied client. “I was so pleased with the results — they even cleaned places I hadn’t thought of. I can now enjoy my spring and watch the daffodils bloom.”

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