Intelligent Automation – Digital Retail AI Cost Efficiency Solution Launched

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TechSparq has launched its intelligent automation solution based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The integrated approach improves e-commerce through better connection with consumers.

TechSparq has launched an intelligent automation solution designed to improve efficiencies for retailers and product brands. The company takes a holistic approach to remove artificial components of AI in an effort to bridge the digital and human divide. The result is intelligent automation that improves business operations and reduces staff costs.

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The launch of intelligent automation marks a shift in digital tool-making from tedious data entry to more sophisticated consumer engagement methods.

By 2030, artificial intelligence is expected to add $16 trillion to the retail sector, according to TechSparq.

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), TechSparq designs systems to leverage intelligent automation toward a more agile enterprise.

Increased task automation targeted to the industry and company frees the workforce to focus on contributing its uniquely human talent supported by intelligent digital applications.

For example, data entry and legacy systems maintenance can be automated to reduce costs and support more sophisticated data analysis and decision-making.

According to TechSparq, AI is too often associated with bots that interact with consumers in ways that shoppers find tiresome and that can expose corporations to malware and security threats.

Instead, RPA provides a customized solution that integrates digital data with more sophisticated connectivity to consumers to improve customer engagement and sales.

The more efficient business model connects to consumers on a deeper, cultural level than most sales transactions to enhance the customer experience and raise brand value.

Benefits include personalized customer service and product design and development with a more rapid speed to market to gain a competitive advantage.

With more than two decades of consulting experience with leading retail and consumer product brands, TechSparq increases efficiencies and profitability by applying artificial intelligence strategies.

TechSparq is also an established publisher of white papers in the automation field, including position papers on the rise of bots and hackers that threaten large and small firms alike. Other e-book topics include accelerated digital connections with customers through e-commerce and RPA.

“Our philosophy is ‘no wasted motion,’” a TechSparq spokesperson said. “It’s a policy of streamlining operations and outreach for our clients.”

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