What to do before installing kitchen cabinets?

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Are you remodeling your kitchen cabinets? Or, rebuilding the entire area? Well, in both cases, you have to consider the “to do” list before installing kitchen cabinets. It is a fact that J&K cabinetry can be the best addition to your cooking area. But, make sure you do some things before heading to the main task.

Moreover, designing a kitchen is a fun thing. But, it can be exhausting if you do not consider the key elements of the area. So, the lights, the countertop, floors, and tiles are all tiny parts of a bigger project. That is why choosing the best cabinets is not enough. All of the minor details are always significant.

If you want to know what to do before installing cabinets, stick to this post. Here are some points to consider before you do the task:

  1. Design it out

  2. Fix the lights and plumbing

  3. Make way for foot traffic

  4. Pick the best countertop

  5. Choose a backsplash

  1. Design it out:

First of all, design the layout of your kitchen. It is your choice to do it yourself or do it with the help of a designer. In this case, clear your preferences about all the stuff. See how many cabinets you want. In addition, make space for the countertop, sink, and fixtures. 

In the same way, decide what shape you want for your cooking area? Do you want an L-shape or a U-shaped counter? Not only that but also fix the position of the refrigerator and other machines. It is better to design the area rather than regretting it later.

  1. Fix the lights and plumbing:

We know that cabinets are the essence of any kitchen type. But, the wrong lights and plumbing can cause many problems later on. That is why it is essential to consider lighting. Also, it must be in sync with the cabinet colors. For instance, natural light is best for neutral cabinets. 

Moreover, dark cabinets can be a disaster with dull lighting. Poor lighting can make any kitchen cabinets look worse. In addition, the plumbing under the sink area is also crucial. So, beware of any type of leakage. It may damage the quality of your wooden cabinets.  

  1. Make way for foot traffic:

Well, the kitchen is the busiest area of every home. Some people tend to add more stuff for the sake of designing. But, it is not a good idea in any design. When you design your kitchen, make way for foot traffic. It applies to both open and closed kitchen spaces. Moreover, if you gather guests in the cooking area, leave some room to move around.

Having a congested kitchen is the worst thing to do. That is why, before you bring J&K cabinetry to your home, create a free space to cook. Plus, you can make your cooking effective by doing this.

  1. Pick the best countertop:

Picking the best countertop is indeed the most crucial step. Its material, color, design, thickness, and pattern are essential. Also, one cannot ignore the look of your counter. In case you do not have a counter yet, no issues. Either choose the cabinets and match the slab or vice versa. In both cases, you have to combine or contrast their looks. 

For instance, you have a dark counter, go for neutral kitchen cabinets. But for a white counter, opt for dark grey or navy cabinets. Wooden cabinets are also perfect for any kitchen style.  

  1. Choose a backsplash:

Have you chosen the backsplash yet? Well, the backsplash can not only become a visual focal point of your new space but also serve a vital purpose. It makes your cleanup much easier to do. In this case, choose a backsplash that will look wonderful and also create a neat space. 

Moreover, the space behind your sink, stove, and countertops is crucial. It will make your old wall look new as well.  

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There are many steps to take before you install J&K cabinetry in your kitchen. The design of your area is the first step to take. In the same way, consider the lighting, plumbing, and other fixtures as well. Also, make sure that you leave space to move around. And never overdo the place with large-size cabinets. So, check out the quality cabinets in the kitchen design gallery