Victorville CA Speech Teletherapy For Autism Spectrum Disorder/Services Launched

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Southern California-based High Desert Speech and Language Center (+1-760-782-8884) has launched updated online tele-therapy services for children with autistic spectrum communication issues.

High Desert Speech and Language Center, a specialist communication and speech disorder clinic based in Hesperia, CA, has launched updated online therapy services for children suffering from autism. The launch expands the center’s comprehensive range of evidence-based programs, all tailored to the needs of their young clients.

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The newly updated services provide a valuable lifeline to young people between 0 and 18 years of age. All of the center’s therapists are fully-licensed by the California State Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.

According to Psychiatry Advisor, nearly two-thirds of children with autism are likely to suffer speech disorders. Conditions such as Apraxia affect a child’s ability to co-ordinate the use of their mouth, tongue, lips and jaw to produce clear speech. Children with autistic spectrum disorders generally respond well to specialized and structured therapy for speech issues, such as the programs offered by the High Desert Speech and Language Center.

In light of ongoing social health restrictions, the clinic now offers therapeutic services online or over the phone. All online sessions are conducted through safe and secure audio or video technology.

Children can benefit from the team’s articulation therapy. This involves the remediation of incorrectly pronounced speech sounds.

The center also run summer camps which teach autistic children a wide array of social skills, providing them with vital communication tools as they grow and face new challenges.

In addition to their online speech pathology services, the company also provide articulation, voice, language, AAC and fluency therapy. Clients can also benefit from treatment programs for aphasia, post-stroke speech recovery, lip-reading, corporate speaking and training for accent and dialect reduction.

High Desert Speech and Language Center is a leading speech therapy facility, serving clients in Hesperia, Victorville, San Bernardino, Riverside and the wider southern California area.

A spokesperson says, “Clients both young and mature can take full advantage of home therapy programs to speed recovery towards speech and language goals.”

With the launch of their online speech therapy services for children with autism, High Desert Speech and Language Center affirm their commitment to improving communication for clients throughout southern California.

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