Vurbl Launches the Best of CBS Radio Mystery Theater Listening Playlist

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The online audio streaming platform, Vurbl, has announced the launch of a curated selection of radio classics, including favorites such as CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

Vurbl, an online audio streaming platform, has announced the launch of its curated collection of old-time radio classics. The platform contains a vast library of over 25 million audio files, many of which are organized into playlists or “stations” for convenient listening.

Hand selected episodes are available at: Best episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater playlist.

With the launch of the curated collection of old-time classics, the company wants to give listeners feelings of nostalgia and comfort by providing access to their favorite radio shows from the past.

As podcasts have increased in popularity, many have become nostalgic for the radio shows that they used to enjoy. This trend is evident in the fact that searches for “old time radio archives” have increased by 300% in the last year. However, it can be difficult to navigate through libraries of audio files.

To address the increased demand for old-time radio classics, Vurbl provides free access to a well organized catalogue of curated radio shows. For example, the company provides free access to “The Best Episodes of CBS Radio Mystery Theater,” a selection of classic CBS Radio Mystery Theater episodes curated by the Vurbl team among other classics like Dragnet & Nightfall radio on their Old Time Radio station.

The platform is free to use, and listeners can enjoy the playlists made by Vurbl staff or create their own. The site features content from a variety of audio mediums, including podcasts, audiobooks and speeches. Users can access audio entertainment from over 200 categories, including gaming, history, home and garden, spirituality and travel, among others.

Through the platform’s station model, the company supports audio content creators and helps listeners to find podcasts that align with their preferences.

The launch of the curated radio classics library reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to providing a wide variety of audio entertainment for their listeners.

The company hopes that listeners will recall vivid childhood memories when listening to the classic radio shows, as a spokesperson for the company said: “We hope you can agree that these episodes are the ones that keep you listening, and make you remember sitting on the floor of your living room as a kid waiting for your favorite radio show to come on.”

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