Technology-Enabled Employment Training – Remote Working Options Report Launched

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Digital nomads and home-based workers are given an insider’s perspective on remote working opportunities in a new report from online business training agency Crucial Constructs.

Crucial Constructs, the online platform providing training and advisory resources for entrepreneurs, has launched a new report analyzing remote working opportunities.

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As technology continues to change the traditional employment landscape, the new report discusses some of the options available to those seeking an additional income source, or wishing to work remotely full time.

The term ‘digital nomad’ refers to an individual who utilizes technology to work from whatever location they may be. As the name suggests, many digital nomads enjoy this form of work because it allows them to earn an income while traveling the world. Research conducted by MBO Partners in 2019 revealed that 7.3 million Americans identified themselves as digital nomads.

However, technology-enabled employment is not just the domain of those seeking adventure. As the cost of living continues to rise, an increasing number of people are seeking secondary income sources. The latest report from Crucial Constructs explores some of the more popular openings.

In the wake of the pandemic, remote working practices have become more widely accepted. Many businesses now offer remote positions for virtual assistants, and the author details a number of platforms that such positions are often advertised, including Fiverr and Opera.

Similarly, online bookkeeping is another rapidly growing market that offers home-based workers or digital nomads part-time or full-time employment. Indeed, Crucial Constructs suggests that these positions are also suitable for retirees.

While formal accounting qualifications are usually not required, readers are encouraged to take as many accredited online courses as possible to increase their chances of employment.

The report elaborates on each of the above suggestions, as well as providing further remote working opportunities. Readers can access the full report, in addition to the full library of resources, at the Crucial Constructs website.

The author of the article stated: “There are a wide variety of side hustles that you can start with just an internet connection and from the comfort of your own home. They vary from online tutoring all the way to bookkeeping.”

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